“Untitled No. 9”

I wake up to a pulsing motion  against my ass. He is still sleeping but just having an amazing dream I guess. His dick keep getting harder and I can hear he is letting out a small moan. This was the perfect moment to take advantage of him or to be fair I would say we both will benefit from it.

I slowly, without waking him up, slide down and gently start licking his dick.  Constantly making sure he is still asleep, I gradually start picking up my paste and depth. He is enjoying himself, I can see it. Now I am just sucking and giving my A game so that he would wake up the most amazing way: waking up while receiving head.

I am not sure if he is just pretending to be asleep becouse he is grunting and movement is telling me otherwise. I still continue taking his whole dick in my mouth using my tongue on the way up and down. I can feel his pulsating dick on my lips, he is seconds away from cumming. Now I can see he is definitely not sleeping anymore, he grabs my hair and start fucking my face, hard and deep. It did not take long until he shot me a big load of warm cum in my mouth.

But he was not finished with me yet, even if he just came he was going strong.
So he throws me on my front, lifts my ass up, spits on my pussy and starts thrusting hard and slow. Pushing on my back and keeping my ass up. The way he does it, is the perfect position for his dick to hit my g-spot and he knows it.

He is going to make me cum. He turns me on my back and puts my hands on top of my head, keeping them there with one hand and with his other hand slapping my boobs and pinching my nipples, all while he is still continuously thrusting in and out now with a more faster paste. He keeps on leaning against my legs – now up on his shoulders – so that my back is raising up from the bed. The more he leans on the the more power he puts in his strokes wich he now tries to get as far deep in me as he possibly can. I am in ecstasy, I do not even know how many times I came, and he just kept on going and still, he is fucking me so hard he is going to cum soon himself.
I did not expect to get the fuck of my life but by planning it it never works. Who does not love morning sex…


“Untitled No. 8”

Playfully I start teasing you, you’re playing your darling Playstation but I’m horny and wet and I was going to get you to fuck me now. I start by just trying to tickle you and get your attention, I get just rejected. I strip down completely naked, touching myself, I  get on top of you, you’re lying on your back. You’re in the perfect position, I start making small, slow grinding movements, you’re trying to ignore me, but I know you can’t resist me and your cock speaks for you. I still get no reaction more than your growing cock, I slap you on the cheek, finally you put the remote away, grab my hands, quite hard but I like it, it’s so intense. When you fuck me you don’t make love to me, you fuck me hard like an animal. You lift me up, push me face against the wall still holding my hands. You bite my neck kiss me, I bite your lip to provoke you, you turn me around, slide your hand slow through my hair and pull it, you keep my hands behind my back with your other hand. Your grunting makes me more hornier every second, you bite my nipples, I put my legs around you and you start humping me, I’m so wet already. You finger bang me, at this point it don’t take much to make me cum. I cum on your hand and you make me lick my own cum from your fingers and kiss me passionately choking me lightly. You turn me around still against the wall, and shove your cock inside me, you fuck me hard, pulling my hair and biting my neck, so hard you’re going to leave marks. You’re punishing me for interrupting your game, but the punishing type of sex I like the most. You’re grabbing my tits pinching my nipples, you’re trying to make it hurt and get even more excited when I respond in the wanted way. Somehow I manage to ask for more and harder. You throw me on the sofa, tie my hands with the remote control cable, then you fuck my mouth, you hit my throat so hard that I start to gag. Secretly I know you love it when I interrupt you like this because it allows you to punish while we’re fucking.

“Untitled Nr. 7”

You are trying to be professional but I’ve noticed how you look at me. Sometimes you just come to my desk asking questions I know you know the answer to, still I act normal.

I wear a provocatively short skirt and a shirt with too much cleavage, this is how I will get your attention. In the morning when you get to work I do the usual report on missed calls and reports you have to go through and when I’m done with that I whisper in your ear “I’m imagining your thick cock pounding the back of my throat”, then I leave without adding anything. Right after you call me from your room and ask me why I said that and how your pant suit is getting tighter around the crotch, you would have a meeting in 30 minutes but you couldn’t go like this. I close the phone without saying a thing. I waited for a while before I came inside your office. I bend over to hand you some files and see your huge boner under your pants. At first I think you are a pervert but I actually like it, after all it was me who provoked you so I was kind of asking for it. You get embarrassed and try to hide it, i giggle a little, then I take your hand, place it on my breast. I squeeze my breast with your hand in the middle while I sit down in your lap. I take your other hand and place it on my ass, I tell you to squeeze it. Youre getting the hang of it slowly, you slap my ass, I get just a little surprised but I like it. I can feel your hard on growing inside your pants against my pussy. Youre still a bit uptight so I get on my knees behind your desk and help you with your rock hard boner, then someone steps in, I didn’t lock the door. You hide me under the desk and try to get rid of him but he keeps talking as I suck harder and harder your cock. I could see how your focus was being distracted while you tried to talk him out of the room, and the more you looked uncomfortable the harder I sucked your cock. I could bet the only thing you were thinking in that moment were how good my tongue felt on the shaft and the head of your cock.

Your coworker leaves and quickly you go lock the door. I bend over your desk and you slide your big cock inside my tight pussy, you fuck me so hard I start moaning so loud you have to cover my mouth so that no one would hear us. Youre pounding me so hard the whole desk is shaking. You slow down and watch how your cock is sliding in and out. My pussy is gripping on your cock as you pound me harder and faster.

You slap my ass and pull my hair, it’s going to be hard to act nothing happened when you have your meeting. You turn me on my back, give my pussy a quick taste and lick and then continue fucking me. You fuck me so hard I’m going to cum on your cock inside me.

I get you on the desk on your back, I start rubbing your dick slowly teasing just licking the tip, I’m feeling your balls, licking them, sucking them, I suck only your glans fast and with pressure. I slide your whole cock inside my mouth, it’s hitting the back of my throat but i lick it and I continue choking myself. I slow down and look at you, you are gasping for air ready to cum, but I tell you not to because I’m not ready yet. I’m sucking, rubbing, licking, grabbing your cock and balls, you’re not far from cumming. I continue untill I get your hot cum all over my face and lick it off your cock and my lips.

“Untitled No. 6”

“I light up a cigarette, it´s so calm and I feel the moment of relaxation before I get horny again. He is sleeping but I can see he has a very good dream, that thick cock is hard as a rock and at that moment I get the horny shivers down my body, in my stomach and my pussy. I finish my cigarette slowly with closed eyes, enjoying every inhale and the warm sensation in my lungs. It was a warm summer morning, the silky smooth sheets was barely covering him,  just half of his lower body, just enough to see the contours of his cock. This was the moment I waited for since last night, the morning sex. The hot passionate half awake, only concentrating on the pleasure was without doubt one of the best things I knew, it could go any where and there was no rules. The sun is rising and its getting warmer inside, I slowly take the sheets away and get down on his body, damn it his cock is perfect, I could blow him for hours! I start rubbing his dick slowly,  just teasing, licking the tip. I’m feeling his balls, licking them, sucking them, I only suck the glans, controlled, fast and with pressure. I look up at him as I’m sucking his cock, I could tell he´s awake already but he hasn’t opened his eyes yet, he’s clearly enjoying every bit of it. Then I slide his entire cock inside my mouth, it´s hitting the back of my throat but I lick it and I continue choking myself. I slow down and look at him, clearly he´s still imagines he´s in that dream but he is gasping for air ready to and cum. He open his eyes and grabs my hair, he start pushing my head faster and faster. I could feel he was just few seconds from cumming so I told him not to cause I wasn’t ready yet. I sucked, rubbed, licked, grabbed your cock and balls, he wasn’t far from cumming. I continued until I got his hot cum all over my face, and licked it off his cock and my lips.”

“Untitled No. 5”

Devastated I longed for him as I also was disgusted of him. I couldn’t believe the things I let him do to myself. I  felt so dirty and ruined.
Then I  met her, the most self confident woman I’ve  ever met, that shimmer in her eyes and swing in her hips, the way she worked those high heels was like from another world. I got her attention and we had an eye contact all night. I got drunk, really drunk, I wanted to forget him. She came up to me, at the end of the night, she was still glamorous in all her existence. She took care of me, gave me water, took me to hers, undressed me and tucked me in her soft sheets. I woke up with the worst hangover of my life but still I was in peace. I was so horny, I don’t know why. Her arm around my waist felt so good, was this acceptable? She moved a little, with this grinding movement closer against me. She was half awake, I  couldn’t tell. My headache was killing me, then her hand started slowly moving down from my hip, now I knew, she was completely aware of what she was doing and I  let her. I got infected by her estrogen flowing to my body and I got so turned on. Her finger was inside my wet pussy, just the tips, but still it felt too good to be true. I was eager for what was coming. The sensation she gave me touching my thighs,  my ass, my chest, my neck, all over it was indescribable. How couldn’t I know about these feelings, all the things I never even imagine was now happening. She was still grinding on my back now with more finger inside me, squeezing my tits at the same time. She turned me on my back, gave me that same eye contact we had the night before but with a more sexy vibe to it. She was biting my nipple, gently, then kissing all around it slowly kissing her way down all the way to my pussy. She was sucking and licking around my labia and pushing her tongue inside my pussy, to the sides, in and out. Her smooth skin against mine felt so silky. And her feminine moves felt like masturbating only a hundred times better. She knew exactly what I wanted.”

“Untitled No. 4”

She was just an innocent young woman. With a cross around her neck and that small cute flower dress covering her body. All the buttons were buttoned all the way up and her hair was on a loose bun on the back of her head.

She was a forbidden fruit for him and so was he, for her. The chemistry was undeniable for them and for people around them. How could they resist each other when gravity was clearly dragging them towards each other.

She was untouched.

Kiss her,

treat her gently,

read her signs,

let her lose herself.

Make her feel like a woman.

Start from the top, acknowledge her,

touch her on places she have never been touched before in a way she never knew of.

Let her speak for herself, don’t force it.

Don’t try, just make it perfect.

The touch of his finger on her hand made her blush, her blushing made him nervous, his nervosity made her bite her lip, her lip biting made his blood flow faster. All he wanted to do was rip her slightly see through t-shirt apart and lift her skirt and feel that smooth ass. All she wanted to do was unbutton him slowly and grab his cock, feel the size and imagine all of it inside her tiny, tight pussy.IMG_5022

“Untitled No.3”


“A leather chair against my bare skin with only my tiny lingerie in between, I sit in an empty room. I only have a whip in my hand, slowly with an even pace, I gently stroke it on my hand. He’s under my control now, he’s not allowed to move. I wait there patiently and when I decide to get up, I walk slowly, sexy, touching myself. Even if I could have got to him in seconds, I took my time teasing his visual senses. After a while I started to stimulate his physical activity of his body by stroking the tips of my nails all over his body. Slowly dragging my hand on his spine and all the way to his skull and under his hair. I grab his hair tight between my fingers and pull his head back, gently I bite the side off his neck and give it a wet lick. I unbutton his shirt from behind slowly examining his body on my way lower to his pants, opening his belt, the button and the zipper. I’m squeezing my tits against his muscular back and stroking my lips on his neck, breathing heavily, silently moaning in his ear. I whisper as slow and as quiet as I can and as close that my lips are touching his ear,

you are now under my control.

I turn him around, with my finger against his chest, leading him backwards to the bed. that big cock is gasping for air under those pants but I let it suffocate a bit more. I push him over the bed and crawl on top of him, for a moment I stare to his eyes, trying to read him, he’s given me total free hands and he’s loving it. I slowly start to grind on him in smooth slow circles , back and forth. He begins to touch my ass and hips but I stop him by pushing his hands against the bed over his head. He tried to reach my lips to kiss me but I was just at the right distance that our lips nearly touched. I gave him a long passionate kiss as I started rubbing his groin, tighter, faster, I was being kind of rough. In my head I couldn’t wait until the moment his big cock was going to be inside me but I wasn’t going to show him that, I had to look like I was in control. He had the tightest boxers on and you could see all the contours of his cock through them. I lick and tease him without taking the boxers off, rubbing, kissing, grinding. Now is his turn, I sit on his face, my ass is covering almost everything and he starts  doing what he does best. He licks my pussy wet starting from the clit. the sensation was so relieving my moaning was out of control, I just lost it. He threw me on my back and continued stimulating my pussy now also with his fingers, sucking, licking, tongue fucking. He was grabbing my boobs, pinching them and when he made his way up, he sucked them. He was rubbing his cock against my clit before he slowly pushed his big cock inside me.”